In Alto Friuli (or better the upper part of our Region) there is a Territorial Association and a number of groups that refer directly to this Association: Arta Terme, Gemona, Moggio Udinese, Paluzza, Tarvisio, Tolmezzo e Villa Santina. A number of actions are going to develop also in the municipality of Rive d’Arcano.


Name: Territorial ANTEA Alto Friuli

Referent: Fabio Molfetta

Address: via Roma 148, Gemona


Tel. 0432 981233

Fax 0432 971206

Operative from: 1998

Volunteers: 77 members, 57 volunteers


Main activities:

  • Home care for elderly and sick
  • Assistance in Rest Home
  • Voluntary in prison
  • Collaboration with CSM of Gemona and Tolmezzo
  • Accompanying and Supervision school bus
  • Library Service