In the province of Gorizia there are the Territorial ANTEAS, an association registered in the Regional Register of the Voluntary Service (Grado) and the informal groups of Cormons, Gorizia, Ronchi dei Legionari, Gradisca d’Isonzo e Sagrado. Two of these groups are going to constitute themselves in an association.

Name: Territorial ANTEAS Gorizia

Referent: Giovanni Moimas

Address: Piazza Unità d’Italia 10, Ronchi dei Legionari

Tel./Fax 0481 474665


Operative from: 1996

Volunteers: 100 members, 21 volunteers


Main activities:

  • Cultural activity
  • Support at work for disabled children
  • Workshops aimed at the relationship and aggregation
  • Animation in Rest Home
  • Do shopping for elderly
  • Transport
  • Small works at home
  • Gymnastics for elderly and swimming pool
  • Prevention for elderly falls (experimentation in collaboration with ANTEAS FVG)