ANTEAS Codroipo

The group is active also in the municipality of Camino al Tagliamento.

Name: ANTEAS Codroipo
Referent: Bruno Traspadini
Address: via Monte Nero 12, Codroipo
Tel. 0432 905262
Fax 0432 905907
Operative from: October 2003, officially from 2007
Volunteers: 28 members, 18 volunteers


Main activities:

  • Pre-acceptance in the elementary school (in collaboration with the Municipality and the Comprehensive Institute)
  • Light home care: small maintenance to elderly people reported by the social worker (in collaboration with the Social Services) and support to the home care.
  • In limited extent, social transports of elderly
  • Prevention for elderly falls (experimentation in collaboration with ANTEAS FVG)
  • Pedi bus (accompanying children at school by feet)