ANTEAS Lestizza

Name: Camminare Insieme ANTEAS
Referent: Flavia Della Negra
Address: via Mortegliano 24, Lestizza
Tel. 0432 761265 fax: 0432 761265
Operative from: 2001
Volunteers: 110 members, 45 volunteers 

Main activities:

  • Animation with the elderly in the aggregation centre (Wednesday)
  • Gentle gymnastics on a weekly cadence
  • Pre-acceptance in the nursery and elementary schools
  • Grandfather vigilant in front of nursery, elementary and middle schools
  • Accompaniment of elderly to the spa stays
  • Social transports (swimming children; “Pif” project; elderly swimming twice a week; collaboration school for children transport for gymnastic or cultural activities; upon request, elderly in difficulty transport)
  • Organization Feast of the Elderly every day
  • Distribution food and clothes to people in difficulty
  • Research “Seniors Active in Lestizza” year 2012
  • Theme evenings in collaboration with the socio-assistance field and the District of Codroipo
  • Prevention for elderly falls (experimentation in collaboration with ANTEAS FVG).