“Health in the home and beyond : a bridge between generations” , Martignacco , Tuesday, Sept. 29

14 September 2015

Public meeting

“Health in the home and beyond: a bridge between generations”

Tuesday, September 29, beginning at 17

Room “Fallen in Nasiriyah,” Villa Via G. Ermacora Delser n. 33 – MARTIGNACCO (UD)

The project – path information / training “Health at home and prevention domestic accidents “is promoted by Federsanità ANCI FVG, along with AAS 4 Friuli central AUSER FVG, Scope 4.5 Udinese district and the City of Martignacco, in implementation of the Protocol “For active aging and synergies between generations “(August 5, 2013), signed with the Region, ANCI FVG and AUSER and FVG developed in collaboration with the Consultation of Associations of Disabled Persons and the CRIBA-Middle Regional Information on Architectural Barriers FVG.
The course, sponsored also by ANTEAS And ADA FVG, it is shared with institutions and representatives of the territory aims to raise awareness and put attention to the issue of security in the home environment, with particular about the safety of the elderly, and in addition, also on the issues risk prevention, health promotion and aging active, even through the illustration of projects, or in progress, on the same topics.
The project relies on the contribution of health experts and community health, the Regional Council of associations of disabled people and their families, and of the main representatives of CRIBA scientific and technical (eg. experts prevention and first aid, fire department, designers, etc.). In every encounter qualified speakers will involve the participants on topics such as perception risk and safety in the domestic environment, with particular regard to security of the elderly. Prevention of domestic accidents will treated in different areas of everyday life, contemplating both aspects
environment and those related to the person and to the maintenance of physical and mental, as well as a view of the synergies between generations.
In summary, the project aims to set up a “good practice” of coordination to health in the home and the prevention of domestic accidents and in addition, as from the beginning of alliances and synergies in the area, between institutions,
associations, experts and individual citizens.

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