Research and Training

The research activities and training of ANTEAS Friuli Venezia Giulia fall in the cultural area that refers to the study of the aspects gerontological-geriatric and longevity.

Projects developed:

Year Project title Description File PDF
2012 Costruire Strutture Accoglienti Process of reflection on nursing homes, day care centers, community centers. PDF
2012 Anziani Attivi a Lestizza At 10 years from the startup of the center of Aggregation “Seconde Cjase” Villacaccia: results of an interview to people over sixty-five years old of the country about leisure and aggregation. PDF
2009 Progetto Pensionati Attivi Establish how it is used by pensioners their time.
Understanding the level of knowledge that pensioners have of clustered activities of their own country.
Understand what are the elements that motivate a person to participate in community life.