Historical outlines and purposes

Historical outlines and purposes

anteasfvgSet up on the 3rd of August 1998 as “Associazione Nazionale Terza Età Attiva (ANTEA) – National Association of Senior Active Age”, on the basis of the National experience which adheres, it was promoted by active senior citizens and addressed to all categories of need with particular attention to the elderly. Later, in order to give more emphasis to its vocation of openness to the community, it took the name of “Associazione Nazionale Tutte le Età Attive per la Solidarietà (ANTEAS) – National Association of All Active Ages for Solidarity”.

It is registered to the Voluntary Service Regional Register of Friuli Venezia Giulia at the number 512 with decree 35 of the 23rd February 1999.

The main purposes are:

  • To activate, to press for the motivations on sharing situations of need of the person – in particular the elderly, at the same time protagonist, emphasizing the subjectivity and their role in society – and the local groups.
  • To promote on the regional territory the Voluntary Service and the association as protagonists through a correct formation and information of the realities and the role of the Voluntary Service within the society.
  • To coordinate the action and the operational effectiveness of the Provincial and territorial associations starting from the identification of the objectives, the contents and in determining the representativeness/authoritativeness.
  • To collaborate with other movements of the Voluntary Service and the other components of the third sector engaged in overcoming social alienation and its causes.
  • To encourage the growth of ability in identifying the needs of the elderly population and the various categories starting from those most at risk, in defining initiatives and services to be activated on the territory in question and how to stimulate the initiatives that are activated in order to help respond to the needs detected.


The association is constituted at the regional level with the primary functions of animation, promotion, formation of the Voluntary Service ANTEAS on the territory, as well as support and coordination of the regional associations, in order to accompany their actions as well as active resources at the thematic groups in the preparation of the Area Plans provided by Law 328/2000 enabling collaboration between the various subjects involved.

The association starts its initiatives with the principle of collaboration with other voluntary associations and local governments. Also thanks to these collaborations has been able to be assisted by a team of community workers that are the basis for preparing, assisting, organize and support the Voluntary Service in order to pursuit the aims and the objectives laid.